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Zachary Optimum Gauges String Sets for Guitar and Bass 


The Available Optimized String Sets
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Did you know, You must choose the right set for the right guitar? (read below)

Tension Optimized Guitar String Sets

If you have even a little brains you will have realized that these sets are Optimized for only the specific tuning they are designated for. If you change your tunining and more importantly the interval distance between the strings you NO LONGER HAVE AN OPTINIZED SET. If you have trouble understanding this, then you should get off this website immediately and rush over to your local music store. They love idiots there, while I detest them.

Optimized Electric Guitar Round Wound     6-string      NPS = Nickel Plated Steel

9 NPS Round Wound       ZOG 9 RW     $6
This is the perfect set for any true Tele-style guitar and Tele-freak. Standard on all Zachary F1. It will give you all the twang and spank your sick dirty mind desires. Think Roy Buchanan, Vince Gill, Johnny Hiland or Redd Volkaert. Don't you ever think of putting this on a Gibson-scale guitar. A Gibson is too short scale to handle anything less than a 10 set. Don't let me catch you putting this on anything less than a 25.5" scale.

9+ NPS Round Wound   PLUS    ZOG 9+ RW        *Extra Optimized 9 set          $6
Here is a set which will save your ass if you really must use a 9 set to tune down or use alternate tunings by tuning down some of the strings. The extra optimization, resulting in a more extreme incremental increase in tension as string pitch drops will enable your low notes to actually work and not just sound like a puking shrew.
Here is also a 9 set that will identify you as a nut and gain you some respect if you are one of those who uses a 9 set on a short scale guitar. This set may just redeem you and I will look the other way. Or use this ZOG 9+ set if you just like to dig in and play with a heavy hand but still insist on using a 9 set.

9.5 NPS Round Wound       ZOG 9.5 RW     $6
You asked for this set, so here it is; a set between the 9 RW and the 10 RW.

10 NPS Round Wound          ZOG 10 RW        $6
This should be your standard electric guitar string set. Its your meat and potatoes set. So sell whatever 10-46 sets you may have. If you have the heart, sell it to some poor bastard who does not know. You no longer have any use for them and your guitar will thank you.
Stick this ZOG 10 set on any guitar you want, except a Tele or a an archtop. It will not give you the Spank for Tele tone and its too light for a hollowbody, but use it on anything else. So use your brains when choosing strings or I will find you.

10+ NPS Round Wound   PLUS    ZOG 10+ RW        *Extra Optimized 10 set         $6
I developed this set specifically for shorter scale guitars, like the very popular Gibson Les Paul and its countless copies. As I hope you know the Les Paul has a scale length of approximately 24.75". I say "approximately" because most Gibson guitars are designated to be 24.75" scale but are actually even shorter. They vary depending on model and year made. Most Gibson models (solid bodies, semi-acoustics and archtops) are actually shorter in scale than 24.75". It seems to be a metric scale they have used and are using, with no explanation.

On a short scale guitar like a Gibson, there is a real fight to get those lower string to make a descent sound. They have a hard time functioning the lower the pitch goes. People usually refer to them as "muddy". They are muddy and this is because the tension is not optimized and even more insufficient and this is why it sounds muddy. The higher the string the better but the lower the string the sloppier the tone gets. Putting a set of 10-46 on a Les Paul is totally idiotic. I certainly hope Slash is not doing that. Do you think he is smart enough to know about the ZOG Optimization rule, or does he have a muddy low end and is clueless about it? Someone please ask him and get back to me on that. I have to set him straight. Being rich does not make your smarter.

So, what I am getting at and what you should have figured out by now, is that the shorter the scale the more extreme the OPTIMIZATION must be. Optimization is not a finite number. It can and must vary according to the scale length. The shorter the scale the more the Optimization must be for the strings to function best and feel balanced.

To repeat for the slower ones among us, Optimization is the even gradual increase of tension within the set as pitch drops.

I developed this new set called ZOG 10+. It starts on a .010 high E but gradually drops in pitch to a higher tension, in order to compensate for the shorter scale of some instruments. Instead of the regular ZOG 10 set which ranges from 16.2 lb - 19.7 lb, the ZOG 10+ is 16.2 LB - 22.0 lb.

If you are too stupid to realize what I am saying then just find an upright piano somewhere and look inside. As you know, an upright piano can have a very short scale length. Much shorter than a 9 foot concert grand, right? Well, take a look at how thick the strings are inside an upright piano as compared to a concert grand. They must compensate for the short scale of the upright piano by increasing the mass and tension of the strings as they drop in pitch.

So, you guessed it. The result is that for the first time you will have a really nice strong low end on a Gibson. The guitar will sound healthy and simply work better. Using ZOG 10 is great but for short scale guitars ZOG 10+ gives you just that little extra optimization which is needed. Give it a try and experiment and see which you prefer ZOG 10 or ZOG 10+

Also, if you are like me and often use some alternate tunings by tuning down your A and/or E strings by no more than one full tone, then this set will also work for that. You may use the ZOG 10+ set to tune down any string in this set but do not exceed 2 semi-tones. If you play a drop D tuning then go to the dedicated ZOG drop D sets listed below.
The ZOG 10+ set will be very nice to play and solve your balance problems on any short scale guitar, such as most Gibson. Put this set on your 24.75" scale Gibson and it will actually handle the job a lot better than the unbalanced, reverse progression of tension and the under-tentioned low strings of the famous and utter embarrassingly crappy 10-46 set that all "smart" string marketers have shoved down your gullible throats.
So SAD! Jimmy Page did not clue in on this but now you are smarter that he ever was. Thanks to Alex of course.

If you put these strings on your Les Paul, you may be smarter than Slash also and we know what a genius he is for a cartoon character. Slash is as smart as any of the string companies, that's why they get along so well.

Now, where else would you get this kind of an education? From the large string companies or guitar rags? That's a joke and you know it. They are too busy putting condoms on strings and missing the point of string set design entirely. They seem intent on putting condoms on everything to do with guitars? LOL

10++ NPS Round Wound   PLUS    ZOG 10++ RW    *Extra Extra Optimized 10 set      $7

I am very excited about this set. Its the ultimate set for a Gibson Les Paul or any Gibson electric guitar (solid body or semi-acoustic) for that matter. Its also the perfect set for any shorter scale guitar. What it is, is a more intensely optimized 10 set. Meaning that there is a greater increase in equal graduation of tension between strings. Remember as the strings go lower in pitch, the tension graduation also increases. Which means that you start on a .010 for your 1st (high E) string, but you end up with a heavier (increased tension) as the strings go lower in pitch. It is of course a perfectly OPTIMIZED set but the parameters for the optimization are more extreme. For the player, what this means is that the set will feel and sound perfectly balanced but the increase in Optimization (tension increase) will compensate for any shorter scale instrument challenges. Remember the shorter scale the guitar or bass is, the more difficult it will be for it to play "true". It will physically be struggling and simply will not work right. Now you know all the garbage you were fed by much lesser minds than mine when they told you that the Les Paul sounds "dark" in the lower notes. Now you know that it actually sounds "fucking MUDDY" in the low notes because the lower strings are under-tensioned for that short of a scale. Every scale guitar, a Fender or anything else is under-tensioned as the notes go lower but the Les Paul with its shorter scale (less than 24 3/4") is even more suppressed and hindered in producing a true tone. So what you get is MUD. Hear what I am saying Jimmy Page?

What the large string companies do not know and what they have to steal from little old Alex, is that the shorter the scale of any instrument, the more intense and the larger among of optimization is required to arrive at a balanced touch and balanced tone and a physically well functioning instrument.

This set is great to play on a Gibson scale or any shorter scale instrument. The bass is very strong and stronger than you have ever felt it or heard it. Just think of all the morons, (I mean guitar heroes) who could have really used this set on their Les Pauls throughout history. You can really dig into the low strings and it just feels so powerful and so well functioning on such an instrument. Your instrument will love you for it.      So give it a try the next time you string up your Gibson and there is no going back and you will never be an idiot again.

11 NPS Round Wound       ZOG 11 RW       $7
This is the perfect set for any guitar other than a Tele. No spank from this set, just solid thick tone. This is the prefect set for Gretsch hollow bodies since it will give you brightness and good twang but no Tele spank. In fact if put anything else on a Gretsch you will be lashed 52 times, even if you enjoy it. Just ask Brian Setzer and he will tell you the same thing, 11 roundwounds are the strings for Gretsch. You must always put roundwounds on a Gretsch, never anything else or you will be committing a crime. If you ever put flatwounds on your Gretsch you should be shot. You will kill the spank and the twang, and you will no longer have a Gretsch. Flatwounds are too dark and its a sacrilege to put them on a Gretsch.
You can also put these on any solidbody (other than a Tele) if you think you are a tough guy and pretend to be SRV, bending these thicker strings until you kill the ligaments in your hand.

11 NPS Round Wound with wound 3rd      ZOG 11 RW 3w          $7
This is the same set as the ZOG 11 RW but with a wound 3rd. What is the purpose of this set you ask? Don't be dumb. If you have an archtop with a wooden bridge, its shaped to compensate for the intonation of a flat wound set with a wound 3rd but you want to a put a round wound set on and start rockin. Some bridges will not intonate correctly with a plain third, because they were made for a wound 3rd, plus a set with a wound 3rd just fells and sounds different and preferable to some and also more historically appropriate and functionally more correct on certain guitars. Don't be a stupid hack and put a round wound set with a plain third on your archtop. That just proves you are a dumbass and should be bowling, instead of attempting to play the guitar. You simply get this set and you will have correct intonation, along with the round wound feel with a wound 3rd. A Gibson ES175 with a wood bridge comes to mind. That bridge is only designed for a wound 3rd and this ZOG round wound set is appropriate for wooden archtop bridge. Also get this set if you just plain like the fee of a wound 3rd string on any electric guitar. Its good in almost any application or any guitar. It feels and plays great. A very classic vintage feel with the feel of round wounds. You can put these on any guitar, you normally would put a flat wound set on. But you knew all of this already, right?

12 NPS Round Wound  wound 3rd     ZOG 12 RW 3w          $8
Here is a unique set for those unique players who want a heavy feel so they can dig into it. Great for shorter scale guitars like a Gibson. Perfect for any arch top you want to put round wounds on, because it even comes with a wound 3rd. Also great for alternate tunings. With alternate tunings you will not have perfect optimization of course as you change your tuning, since these were designed specifically for standard tuning but they will be a lot better than any standard set because you are starting from an Optimized string set, even if you do change the tuning of some of your strings away from standard tuning. Also great for standard tuning to a lower pitch. let's say you want to tune your whole guitar down a half tone or a full tone. Perfect for tuning down in standard tuning. However if you want to really tune down in standard tuning then go with the ZOG 13 NRW set below.

13 NPS Round Wound    wound 3rd   ZOG 13 RW 3w           $9
Someone contacted me and begged me to design a perfectly Optimized set, which he can use in standard tuning but tuned down, so that the 1st and 6th strings are C, instead of E. In other words; Standard C tuning. He said he was a huge fan of Queens of the Stone Age, who use this tuning. I was intrigued, because its very close to a Baritone tuning. You can turn any guitar into a different instrument and play some interesting sounding things just by setting up your guitar with this Zachary 13 NRW set and tuning down. It does not matter what you tune down to, as long as you keep it in STANDARD TUNING. I hope this is clear to you as to why. By using this set, it will be the least expensive way to arrive a new instrument. This is a versatile set you can use in different applications and on different guitars. For example, its great for a Les Paul tuned down in standard tuning. Remember the shorter your scale the heavier your set should be to compensate. Whatever you do with this set, it will give you grand piano tone.

Here is what Erik told me. "It’s not particularly surprising that the 13 set wouldn't be popular. The typical person that likes to use this tuning tends to be even more of a moron than the average standard/half-step down guitar player (if you can believe it). It’s kind of a metal-head tuning, but I fell in love with C standard after taking it places that weren't very metal at all (‘Metal’ was never my favorite genre anyway). I’d highly recommend trying it out to anyone. Mosquito song is one of my favorite songs in the tuning. The acoustic solo is awesome." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiLsvRSU5H8

NPS Round Wound DADGAD       ZOG RW DADGAD   with plain or wound 3rd          ZOG RW DADGAD     $10
A perfectly Optimized electric guitar DADGAD set. You can get it with either a plain or a wound 3rd string. Please specify.
Received the DADGAD strings late last week. Strung up the les paul, and tuned. Hit an open chord, and BAM! Piano tone. Excellent work my friend. I’ll be ordering more as soon as I need them. Daniel (Australia)

NPS Round Wound Drop C         ZOG RW drop C   (h-l) D A F C G C              $10

This is a set in standard tuning just like the drop D set. This is a drop D set evenly dropped a full tone on every string, making it a drop C set. It is perfectly optinized for you, so you won't feel like an idiot detuning your already crappy store conventional set and making it even more unplayable. If you have been doing that up to now, then go and kick yourself right now, you deserve it.

NPS Open E Round Wound     ZOG RW open E      (h-L) E B G# E B E            $10

11 Round Wound Nashville  11 RW Nashville      (h-L) E, B, Octaves G E B E            $10

NPS Open G Round Wound     ZOG RW open G      (h-L) D B G D G D            $10        
or Open G, 5-string gutiar (Keith Richards tuning) - just lose the 6th string

Optimized Electric Guitar Round Wound  6-string   - Drop D      
(h-l) E B G D A D

  9 NPS Round Wound - drop D        ZOG  9 RW dD       $7
10 NPS Round Wound - drop D        ZOG 10 RW dD      $8
11 NPS Round Wound - drop D
        ZOG 11 RW dD      $9

Don't tell me you didn't realize that you were sounding like a shit when dropping your low E tuning to D? Especially when using a conventional string set. Did you ever wonder why? What the hell were you using for that low D anyway? Were you mindlessly following your idiot heavy metal guitar heroes. Remember those slobs with all the tattoos and piercings are nothing more than uneducated fools. Did you actually think you were sounding mean with your sloppy sound? With conventional strings for a drop D, all you have is a muddy and weak tone, which is not cool at all. Well, now its time to give your head a shake and smoke less dope. Here is your chance to redeem yourself. Get the ZOG set specifically Tension Optimized for drop D tuning. Guess what? Your guitar will actually work. Guitars do not work if the tension of the strings are not correct to produce a certain pitch of note. Does that make sense to you? Is that too hard to understand? When using ZOG Optimized drop D strings, your intonation will also be good for the first time. If you don't have enough tension on a string, you don't have any intonation to speak of either. Now you will finally get a strong healthy note when playing on that low D string. Amazing!!!
Your dick might me nothing more than a limp noodle but that does not mean your low D string has to be. Get your shit together and tell your metal heroes, you are smarter than they are. You have been Zeducated.

Optimized Electric Guitar Round Wound  - Baritone  
6-string (with wound 3rd)  (h-l)   B F# D A E B   

10 Baritone NPS Round Wound    ZOG 10 RW Bari     $12
11 Baritone NPS Round Wound    ZOG 11 RW Bari    $12 

*Theoretical high E        - These sets are optimized to a hypothetical high E. We know there isn't one in a Baritone set but if there was one this is the gauge it would be.

You Baritone players also deserve to play a correctly tensioned Optimized set. In fact its crucial for you to do so, or your instrument will simply not work correctly. You cannot play arbitrary undertensioned and systematically unrelated strings on an instrument and expect it to work in the physical domain. You have to be a mindless fool of a guitar consumer to believe that. If you haven't realized this yet and if you haven't noticed that there is no correctly designed string set out there for you and if you haven't noticed that you are taken for fools by the string companies, than you are too stupid to be even be ready to be on this website. Go buy a PRS with a 10 top, that's what you really need.

Optimized Electric Guitar Round Wound   -   7-String Guitar    Designed for either low B or low A tuning.

9 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low B tuning)      ZOG 9 RW 7B   $8
9 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low A tuning)      ZOG 9 RW 7A   $8

10 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low B tuning)     ZOG 10 RW 7B   $9
10 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low A tuning)     
ZOG 10 RW 7A   $9

11 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low B tuning)     
ZOG 11 RW 7B   $10
11 NPS Round Wound 7-string (for low A tuning)     ZOG 11 RW 7A   $10

You 7 string players are treated as total Idiots by the string manufacturers. You have been fucked up the ass for so long and don't even know it. Are you really the stupidest of all guitar players??? That is so bad, its not even funny. I sure feel sorry for you.

Maybe you are Idiots and deserve to get the under-tensioned, grossly unbalanced, whacked out strings that string companies give you. Do you like you low string. Do you like the way it feels like a limp noodle? You stupid moron, get a brain or take up another hobby. Guitar is not for you.

Those large companies you love to support so much are laughing their guts out because they are giving you atrocious strings, which simply do not work. And you say you haven't noticed? Fuck, you are dumb. Does your mother know how stupid you are?

Its a terrible practical joke that the guitar mass producers, string companies and even Steve Vai are playing on you. You are idiots if you haven't noticed.

Well I am here to save you and educate you. This is your perfect set and beautifully optimized. I worked really hard at providing this for you, so don't be angry at me, be angry at the nasty-ass guitar companies, string manufacturers and Steve Vai who ripped you off and laughed all the way to the bank. They want to keep you stupid and take your money. I want to make you smart and I don't want your money. Go ahead, this will change your life forever and you will now look at Steve Vai as the shyster businessman that he really is. Isn't that signature guitar of his disgusting? What you say? You bought one? You Fucking Dummy. Get off this website, you disgust me.

Optimized Electric Guitar Round Wound      -   8-String Guitar

10 NPS Round Wound 8-string (for low E tuning)        ZOG 10 RW 8E      (h-l)   E B G D A E B E     $15
11 NPS Round Wound 8-string (for low F# tuning)      ZOG 11 RW 8F#    
(h-l)   E B G D A E B F#     $15

Unless you are totally brain-dead, you have already realized that there are no correct 8-string sets you can buy for your 8-string guitar. You should have already said WTF??? Well, I have come to your rescue and will liberate you from a life of ignorance. When you put these ZOG 8-string guitar strings on you will be shocked to find a totally different instrument in your hand. An instrument which will make a true and healthy tone for the first time and also feel tension balanced. All your previous strings were totally WRONG. Your instrument will actually work for the first time. This will be an experience better than a sloppy blow job from a dominatrix midget. Don't worry, I got it figured out for you.

Optimized Electric Guitar Flat Wound - with plain 3rd

10 Stainless Flat Wound, with plain 3rd     ZOG 10 FW p3     $8
This is a cool set you can interchange at any time with your regular 10 roundwound set. No adjustment to the neck is needed. Its virtually the same exact total tension as a 10 roundwound set. If you get bored with roundwounds, put these on and feel the smoothness and the dark thumpy wound strings. Remember you will still have a plain 3rd to play with, so you can bend these strings the same way on top. If you are some sort of neurotic freak you will want to re-intonate the bridge but I would leave it alone and instead take your medication and try to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever your choice may be.

11 Stainless Flat Wound, with plain 3rd     ZOG 11 FW p3      $10
This is interchangeable with your 11 roundwound set. It still has a plain 3rd. No neck adjustment needed. Feel the familiar plain strings and the super smooth thumpy flatwound lower strings. If you are some sort of neurotic freak you will re-intonate the bridge but I would leave it alone and instead take your medication and try to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever it may be, no questions asked. If you ever put this on a Gretsch, you will be captured and reprogrammed the hard way. Remember nothing goes on a Gretsch hollowbody, other than 11 Roundwounds. Why? Because Alex and Brian Setzer say so.

Optimized Electric Guitar - Full Flat Wound - with wound 3rd

11 Stainless full Flat Wound, with wound 3rd      ZOG 11 FW w3     $10
Put this full flatwound set on all archtops. This is the only thing that should be on them. Except for Gretsch archtops of course. Never put flatwounds on a Gretsch because you will loose the twang of the Gretsch sound and instead sound dark and thumpy, like a Gibson ES 175 or any other Gibson archtop You will also tell the world you are an idiot when it comes to knowing guitars. Put this on all Gibson archtops, like the ES 175 and similar guitars.

12 Stainless full Flat Wound, with wound 3rd      ZOG 12 FW w3     $12
Here is your perfect heavier flat wound set. If you have a an arch top or any guitar for that matter, on which you want a traditionally heavy flat wound set, this is the set to use. Perfectly optimized for you.

Optimized Acoustic Guitar - Phosphor Bronze with wound 3rd           PB = Phosphor Bronze

10.5 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic          for standard tuning     ZOG 10.5 PB     $9
I developed this specifically for any Cedar top acoustic guitar. Did you hear me? Cedar (not Spruce). If you don't even know what top you have on your acoustic then get off this site and immediately hide in shame. Spruce has no business being on an acoustic guitar. It has no sound, unless you beat the hell out of it. So if you are smart enough to play a Cedar top acoustic you should know that it should never have any heavy strings on it. It is not needed and in fact detrimental. Cedar is so light and soft and so responsive that heavy strings will actually overwork the top and it will sound harsh, overly loud and actually hurt the light constriction of the guitar. So this is the set for you smart people who have a Cedar top acoustic.

11 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic         for standard tuning     ZOG 11 PB     $10
Here is just a slightly heavier set than the 10.5 and you can go ahead and use it on your Cedar top acoustics, especially if you like to to use alternate tunings at times. This set will handle tuning down a whole step on the lower two strings and the upper two strings, all the strings for that matter. You will do well with this set. Don't even put anything heavier than this set on your Cedar top acoustic or you will be sorry. You can go ahead and try to put this on your Spruce top Martin-style acoustic but good luck trying to get any sound out of it. Spruce does not belong on an acoustic since spruce does not respond easily, needs heavy strings to get the top resonating to produce tone and volume. This means you need to beat the hell out of it when you play.

12 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic       for standard tuning     ZOG 12 PB     $11
You say you don't have a Cedar top acoustic? Well what does that say about you? In that case, this is a set specifically designed for Spruce top acoustics. You need a heavier set to get sound out of that stiff spruce top. So good luck, this is a nice Optimized set for all Spruce top acoustics.

13 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic        for standard tuning     ZOG 13 PB     $12
Here they are, a 13 set for acoustic. Who the hell would play these. I cannot imagine. You just be a heavy strummer. Tendentious, here it comes. This is definitely for a Spruce top guitar which is too heavily braced and therefore is a dead instrument. You need these heavy strings to make it resonate. I feel so sorry for you that I created this Optimized 13 PB set just for you.

C-Modal Phosphor Bronze Acoustic        (h-L)   C Bb G C G C     ZOG C-Modal PB      $12

This is the set used by some acoustic guitar greats, such as Don Ross and others. It is perfectly optimized for this tuning and yields some wonderful sounds. Unfortunately these people were gifted with guitar skills but not with brains and they are using some randomly thrown together conventional set and de-tuning it, putting it out of balance even more. What a mess. Not very smart at all. They have no clue about what they are doing and how wrong they are. Its a good thing they can play the guitar well, or otherwise they would be flipping burgers or asking you for a quarter, given their brain capacity. Now after discovering my genius, you are smarter than they are. So when you run into these schmucks, educated them and tell them where they can buy some correct sets. Tell them I will not pay them but they will have to pay me. This is how things work at Zachary Guitars. Just walk up to them and tell them they are clueless.

12 Phosphor Bronze Open-E Acoustic     (h-L) E B G# E B E     ZOG Open-E PB     $12

11 Phosphor Bronze Nashville Acoustic   ZOG Nashville PB     (h-L) E, B, and Octaves G E B E            $12


Optimized Acoustic DADGAD    Phosphor Bronze DADGAD Acoustic       ZOG PB DADGAD     $12
You DADGAD players are a weird bunch.
Is there even a string set created just for you? Or do you put on a conventional acoustic set and then tune down. Shame on you for even thinking of doing that. I know, you had no choice. Your string tension balance must be totally whacked out. Your guitar tone, string response and the feel of the strings must feel like you have just been sniffing glue or something.
Well, I did not forget about you. I have a perfectly Optimized set for you, which will make you feel like a regular guitar player again. You will love it and your life will never be the same again. You will never forget me as long as you live. What is my reward? Not too much. Why am I even doing this? Just call me a genius and its good enough for me.

Alex, I just wanted to follow-up with you and let you know the DADGAD set works awesome!! After a few modifications to the nut and 6th string bridge pin my Martin OMC-28 WITH ADIRONDACK TOP HAS COME ALIVE!! I finally have a bottom end! I will continue to order strings and recommend your services!
I have sent your web info to a few musician friends... Pierre Bensuan, Lawrence Juber, Eric Schoenberg & John Storpes! I really think you have something here!!! Thanks! David

Optimized Acoustic 12-String guitar set     

11 Phosphor Bronze 12-String Acoustic     ZOG 11 PB - 12        for conventional tuning      $20
Someone was getting a custom 12 string acoustic guitar made and asked me if I had a ZOG set for 12-string acoustics. I then looked at the conventional sets on the market and had another WTF moment. I thought I better do something about this. Well here it is, a very nicely optimized set for you 12-string players who had your heads in the sand all your guitar playing lives. That includes you Leo Kottke as well, even though I love you. Let Zach come to your rescue and do something good for you. You will hate me now but will thank me later when you realize how much I care about you. Your 12-string acoustic will love the new ZOGs as well. This is a ZOG 11 PB set optimized for 12 string guitar for perfect string tension balance.

Optimized Mandolin Acoustic or Electric 8 strings   (4 sets doubled)

Here is the perfect Mandolin set which I was asked to design for you. Put these on and your Mandolin will finally be Optimized also.
Either for Acoustic or Electric Mandolins. You choose.

10 NPS Round Wound Electric Mandolin                       $8

10 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Mandolin                      $10

Optimized Bass Strings    

ATTENTION: Don't be a dumb fuck and not even know the scale length of your instrument. When ordering ZOG bass strings you need to tell me the scale of your bass, so I can send you the correct length set. If you don't know what scale length is then you should immediately donate your bass to the local Salvation Army and pick up another hobby. You are not fit to play the bass and bring shame to the whole bass playing community.

IMPORTANT!!!    Instrument Setup information for ZOG strings

String length Rule    Short Scale - 30",   Medium Scale - 32",   Long Scale - 34",    X Long Scale - 35"   
*Exceptions to this rule are due to longer distance between the ball anchor point and bridge saddle distance.
With a longer distance here, you need then next longer string set, example Hofner
violin and some Warwic basses.


Optimized Round Wound Bass strings


4-String Bass NPS Round Wound   Short Scale     ZOG B4 RW SS     $30
This is the same set as the ZOG 4-string round wound long scale set (above), but in a short scale version. These are the exact same tension strings but shorter. So you can fit them into the tuners of a 30" scale instrument. As simple as that.

If you think Optimized string sets are crucial for long scale basses, wait until you see what they will do for a short scale instrument. Short scale basses are in agony when conventional crap strings are used. They are crying out in pain because they literally cannot function. You have never heard the true tone of your instrument until you get ZOG. You have never really felt what your instrument truly feels like, until you put ZOG on it.

You should be smart enough by now to know that the shorter the scale the more necessary optimization becomes and in fact, a more severe degree of optimization is usually required to compensate for the shorter scale. Again, I must bring up the example of comparing the strings of a long grand piano and a small upright piano. The small upright needs much thicker strings to work. I hope its not going over your head.

If you read this website this far, you are certainly about 32% more intelligent overall and 80% more intelligent about guitars, compared to what you were prior to finding the Zachary website. Please get out there and use your newfound knowledge. Here is your chance to make your pro bass playing hero look like a fool. Take any revered fucking icon of a bass player and tell them what idiots they are and how much smarter you are than they. Tell them what you have learned on the Zachary site. Tell them its time to stop smoking crack or shooting heroin and instead they should read this website as you have, maybe they will learn something. Its time for them to come out of their stupor. Find Jack Bruce, who likes short scale basses. Tell him if he does not give his head a shake, he does belong in a white room, the kind that is padded on all sides. In fact, go up to any arrogant bass player and tell them they are not as great as they think they are. Not even close. They have just been taken to the woodshed for being brain-dead morons. Tell them to spend a little time thinking instead of sucking up to large corporations for endorsement money by using any crap gear, which pays for their drug habit. You are now smarter than all of them ... yes, you welcome.

4-String Bass NPS Round Wound   Medium Scale     ZOG B4 RW MS     $30
This set is mandatory for your Rickenbacker bass or any other medium scale 32" bass. If you don't have them on you are a dumb fuck for sure, regardless of who you are.

4-String Bass NPS Round Wound   Long Scale    ZOG B4 RW LS     $30
You bass players think you are so cool. Slapping away and playing fancy instruments with active this and that, but you have not been smart enough to realize that your bass string sets are a joke. The tension balance sucks big time and your bottom end was suffering and made your bass sound like shit. So wake up. Take a look at a standard bass set and you will see that your high (G) string is always over-tensioned and the low string is way under-tensioned. Did you not notice this yet? Man... go take a feel right now. If you read my explanation on string Optimization, which I invented, since I am smarter than you are and most everyone else, you will now realize that what the string companies do is totally the opposite to Optimization. Not too much brains. Shame on them and shame on you for not getting your head out of your ass.
Here is your chance to change your life and never buy a regular bass set again.

4-String Bass NPS Round Wound   X-Long Scale     ZOG B4 RW XLS     $30


4-String Bass NPS Round Wound  Drop C  LS or XLS   (h-L)   F C G C   ZOG B4 RW DC     $35

If you have been using conventional Bass sets with this tuning and not realizing there is a serious problem, then you are officially an idiot. I suggest you take up another hobby. You have no right to play the bass if you are this stupid. Conventional strings are bad enough for regular tuning and de-tuning the strings even further is a disgrace and unquestionably proves you have a very low IQ. You may think you have a fancy expensive bass but you must sound like SHIT with conventional string sets. Sounding like Shit is no crime but if you have not even realized that you sound like shit and didn't realize the serious problem with your strings, then without a question you should be flogged. Shame on you.

4-String Bass NPS Round Wound  Open C LS or XLS (h-L)   G C G C   ZOG B4 RW OC     $35

If you have been using conventional Bass sets with this tuning and not realizing there is a serious problem, then you are officially an idiot. I suggest you take up another hobby. You have no right to play the bass if you are this stupid. Conventional strings are bad enough for regular tuning and de-tuning the strings even further is a disgrace and unquestionably proves you have a very low IQ. You may think you have a fancy expensive bass but you must sound like SHIT with conventional string sets. Sounding like Shit is no crime but if you have not even realized that you sound like shit and didn't realize the serious problem with your strings, then without a question you should be flogged. Shame on you.

5-String Bass NPS Round Wound  Long Scale or XL Scale     (low B - high G)      ZOG B5 RW XLS     $35
I designed a custom low B string for this set, based on the ZOG principle and as a perfect match to the ZOG 4-string bass set. Special setup is needed for its manufacture. They tell me its never been done before. Does that mean that tension balance has never been done before? I am not surprised. All that should matter to you is that you will blow away any other bassists no matter who the hell they are (or think they are). You can go up to them, even if they are icons and kick sand in their faces for using those wimpy rubber bands of a 5th string, which makes their tone as limp as their string and most likely their dick as well. How embarrassing for them. Set them straight, will you and "do" their girlfriends while you're at it. The chicks will thank you. It really is not cool to be undertensioned. Just ask the girls, they know it.

5-String Bass NPS Round Wound  Long Scale or XL Scale  ***(low E - high C)     ZOG B5 RW XLS     $35
This is my favorite way to string a 5 string bass, Low E to High C.
This set is now available and ready to ship. It is the same set as the ZOG 4-String bass set with the addition of a perfectly balanced High C string. Here is your perfectly Optimized 5 string set, if you like to go to high C that is. Perfect for all those guitar players who want to play 5-string bass.

6-String Bass NPS Round Wound  Long Scale  or XL Scale   (low B - high C)     ZOG B6 RW     $40
This awesome ZOG 6 string bass set is now here. It will make you wonder how you could play without it. It took me to come along and have the brains to do things right for you. You bet I am full of myself. I have reason to be.
Now if you are like me, you will go to the smartass bass community and point out what idiots they are. Can you imagine these self professed know-it-alls playing on spaghetti strings, totally unbalanced and the tension embarrassingly wrong between the strings. Their expensive basses struggling to even function right and make sloppy weak tone at best. What an embarrassment they are. They should drop their heads in shame for being that stupid. Its because they did not think, they did not even realize there was something seriously wrong. They thought, if as long as they buy a stupidly expensive instrument with disgustingly figured wood, they will get a great instrument and its all take care of. It does not work like that people. They forgot to realize that the people making their instrument are just as stupid as they are, which is where the problem is. Makes me sick of the ignorance out there.
You on the other hand have read this, are smart enough to comprehend it, and now it will change your life forever.

7-String Bass NPS Round Wound Long Scale or XL Scale  (low B to high F)     ZOG B7 RW     $45                   
What can I say? If you think you're a tough guy having one of those monster basses with the awkward body and huge wide neck and you think you are the man for playing such a monstrosity, I have news for you. Playing a 7-string bass with strings that are the wrong tensions and are not optimized, is like a huge guy with a tiny dick... embarrasing! Its laughable!
Despite your large instrument, with the strings you got on presently, it sounds weak and lame. Shame on you, and you thought you were the tough guy with the "big instrument".
Let me come to the rescue. Here is your chance to match the proper Optimized strings to your monster bass. Now you will have the hard Dick to match. For an instrument with such a large range, Optimization is absolutely crucial.
So now you know. Put the ZOG custom-made Optimized strings on, which will make your 7 string bass play as it should for the first time. With power and strength. The ladies will also be happy with your powerful new instrument, instead of your former limp noodle.


Optimized Flat Wound Bass strings


4-String Bass Stainless Flat Wound   Short Scale     ZOG B4 FW SS    $40

I am just dying to build some short scale fretless basses with this set on them. If you feel your playing ability is commensurate with my guitar building ability then contact me immediately, I want to talk to you.

4-String Bass Stainless Flat Wound   Medium Scale     ZOG B4 FW MS    $40

Many were asking for a shorter scale flat wound set. I tried to avoid it because I knew it would only be a limited-market set. Then someone confirmed my belief that the Hofner Beatle bass desperately cries out for a flat wound set. I just had to develop this set because I believe in doing the right thing, even if its not lucrative. Explain THAT philosophy to your neighborhood guitar shop owner. So, if you haven't realized that your Hofner should have flat wounds on it, consider yourself a dumb ass, that incidentally includes Paul McCartney. Yes, you heard me right, I said it. If he was not so isolated and protected from the real world, he would actually get on his computer and personally order this set from me and then kick his guitar tech in the balls for not discovering and informing him about ZOG sooner. Its never too late to go to the next level Paul, you are still a young lad with a dream. ZOG is like putting your Hofner or Rickenbacker bass on VIAGRA. You'll really get off on it. Give your bass some BALLS. Let me be the one responsible for changing the tone of Paul McCartney for the better. I will go down in history. Those Beatle tunes will never sound the same again:) No longer will your Hofner be crying out in agony, trying to fight those floppy noodles. Chicks don't like limp dicks and basses don't like limp strings, which are also terribly unbalanced in tension.

Despite what you were led to believe by other dumb fucks, the Hofner does not have a "dark" tone, it has a shitty tone, which sounds like mud, due to under-tensioned and unbalanced strings in addition to being on a short scale bass, which makes it that much worse. You poor Hofner basses; both your maker and your owners are idiots. That's pure bass abuse and these people should be in orange jump suits as far as I am concerned. Paul McCartney needs to be enlightened. Will someone please call him and let him know. I don't know Paul's number. Put these ZOG medium scale flat wound bass strings on ANY medium scale bass and your life will change forever.

I congratulate those handful of bass players in the world, who are NOT dumb fucks and who realize that the Hofner is actually a short scale bass but needs Medium Scale strings because of its trapeze tailpiece. You are absolutely right and I respect you for knowing this. I know that for you knowledgeable players it must be hell to spend any time at a guitar shop or guitar forum because its where dumb fucks congregate and its painful for anyone with a brain.

4-String Bass Stainless Flat Wound   Long Scale     ZOG B4 FW LS     $40
This is a very nicely optimized flatwound bass set and everything will apply to this set as it applies to the roundwound set, so don't make me repeat it.

4-String Bass Stainless Flat Wound   X-Long Scale      ZOG B4 FW XLS    $40     * Use this on Warwick basses due to the separate tailpiece.

5-String Bass Nickel Flat Wound   Long Scale    ZOG B5 FW LS     $50


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