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ZOG Strings Explanation for the Inexperienced Guitar Consumer

Hi Alex,  As you are well aware, it's very hard to get through to ignorant people who are probably very intelligent in most things but lack basic common sense.   Neil


Since I invented ZOG strings and made them available, the Idiots have been coming out of the woodwork in droves. This is to be expected. Why is it that every time I present something new they get into a panic and why is it that most of the Idiots in the world gravitate toward guitars? Its so unfortunate and truly unfair because the smart people must suffer.

I just had to increased the size of the NOT FOR IDIOTS! sign on top of my ZOG Strings page. I hope this will help. For some reason it seems that the simple Optimization concept is very difficult for the average guitar consumer to comprehend and they become agitated. They are uneasy about anything which is not advertised heavily, mentioned by a Guitar Shitmag or endorsed by Steve Vai (businessman and guitar products salesman extraordinaire). If Steve or his bud Joe don't tell the idiots its good, they are afraid of ZOG and use terms like "I will try it". ZOG are not something you try. ZOG are something you must use based on the math alone, you really have no choice. You either use ZOG or you are an Idiot. Its dictated by the laws of nature and by God herself.

You have been f#cked over by String Companies far too long. They know you are Idiots but they are nice to you so you don't catch on. Big companies know you are Idiots and the way to take your money is to make you feel you are not Idiots. Well this is not the Zachary style. All you get is sincerity here and I don't want your F#cking money. I just want your brain. My pleasure is to eradicate Idiots from the guitar world. While companies wanting to make a big profit are intent to keep you stupid, I want to make you smart. The more Idiots there are, the more Money they make.

Regular strings sets are WRONG and OBSOLETE and should not be on any guitar (except on the guitar of an Idiot). This is not because of my invention or genius (well it is, since I was gifted with much more talent than most), but because of the laws of physics and logic. I did not invent the laws of physics, although sometimes it feels like I did, since Guitar Idiots don't know these laws exist.

The only reason not to use ZOG tension optimized string sets is if you are a "pedestrian" no talent, intellectually challenged or if you are some kind of a passive aggressive with a revolt against anything Z, since it makes you feel so inferior its unbearable, so you must lash out to maintain a shred of your ego. This makes you the ultimate Idiot and your Mom should be ashamed of you. So if you have not been gifted with at least average intelligence then just keep using the strings you always have and stay off this website. It will corrupt your thinking and you may actually learn something, then you won't be an Idiot any more. Get back on your Guitar Forum where you belong with all the other Idiots. That's where you guys live, anonymous and protected from any form of intelligence. A public toilet for Idiots.

Just remember who came up with the concept of Optimization, Balanced Tension, Even/Graduated Tension, Progressive Tension for guitar strings. Keep in mind that Optimized strings will be the standard in strings because they are the only correct strings and if you read this page you will never forget I am sure. It will burn in your brain as long as you live.

Actually, I think you are being unfair to the average user. It never occured to me that there was anything wrong with standard sets until you pointed it out. You just get used to standard sets and assume that's the way it's meant to be.   Ludwik (UK)


This was our conversation after we learned that this concept is not as easy to understand for some people as we had previously thought.


I thought it would be fun to start a simple discussion about the Zachary optimized strings on a guitar forum. I was under the impression that this concept would be simple for people to grasp as it is explained so clearly on your website. Apparently I was wrong. :)    James


Well, as I mentioned on the "What's New" page last time, I was surprised that its actually very difficult for most to understand. Blows me away. Serious experienced players get it immediately and actually have been engaged at doing exactly this for years. I talked with one pro player recently, he is near 50 and has been a pro all his life and he said that these strings are so long overdue because for years he has been throwing out half of every string set and replacing the low strings.

But for the average ignorant kid, you really need to take the time and explain it very slowly. The D'Addario strings have the gauges listed and this is what needs to be shown to them. It shows how flawed the gauges are. Without seeing these measurements they will have no idea what you are talking about. You cannot just throw it out there and expect them to get it. Its very simple but a great shock to them because they have never questioned it and never thought of this. First they have to understand the problem. If they don't know there is a problem, it all sounds like nonsense to them. Its like entering a math class at the university level for someone who is just starting high school. Its like rocket science. If they are unaware of the problem they will simply not get it at all. Remember most of them can't even play, they just chat on the Internet.

Where do they have the problem? Where do they get stuck in the understanding? What is exactly is the difficult part?

Most signature sets of strings, be it BB King, Zakk Wilde, Eric Johnson, etc. are all in fact optimized sets. That is exactly what they are. The standard commercial sets are plain wrong and the more detail oriented and technical of the experienced players know this right away and have to make their own sets. This results in their "signature" sets, which they endorse and make money on.

The truth is that the regular sets should not even be sold. Its like selling cars with oval wheels.

This is actually not anything strange that I am doing. Its just common sense. Easy stuff. Serious and knowledgeable players have been doing it for decades. I am not the first to do Optimization. I am however the first to point out and explain the problem, instead of just saying "I am a pro and these are the strings I use and you should buy this set because I am famous and you are not". This does not educate the stupid masses. Explaining the problem, what the solutions is and picking the gauges according to strategy and a rule is the way to do it and that is what I do. I am the first to point out the problem, bring it to people's attention and teach them on how to fix the problem. This is where the famous pros fall short. They know the sets are not right but they just want to sell a product without educating the ignorant masses. Most pros don't even know the problem themselves, they only know that increasing the tensions as you go down in pitch makes their guitar work and sound better and they prefer it..

The D'Addario sets will show them exactly where the problem is with conventional sets. It will be visual for them. You need to do some explaining James.

Maybe this info will help you in your explanation.              Alex


The saga of simplicity continues.

People are so used to being sold useless hyped crap that when something so basic and logical comes along they think it is BS or simply confusing. And when people are confused they usually just dismiss what they do not understand....

Balanced gages are easy to explain and understand. It is all about relative tension within a set of strings. If the high E has X amount of tension on it then the B string needs to have the equal amount of tension plus a LITTLE bit more to be appropriate within the set. And so do the G, D, A, and low E with the tension getting ever so slightly greater as you go from high E to B to G to D to A to Low E.

To make the point more explicit you list the relative tension of a normal set of 9s or 10s. The you compare this to a set of optimized strings.

That is it.    Very Easy!            Eli


"Somewhat Worried" ?

I spent more time then I should have with this reply but for a reason. I wanted to include this on my website for educational purposes. This individual exemplifies many who are out there and are ignorant.


I'm intrigued by this concept....somewhat worried, however, that the low end of the 7-string sets might feel too big/tight on a 26.5" scale guitar, so I was curious if you'd be willing to tell me at least what the largest string guage is, so that I can decide if this is something that I think I'd be comfortable trying.on my 26.5" scale Schecter 7-string. Thanks -- --Ari--


I am sorry to hear that you completely missed the point. You must first understand that this is not really a "concept", it is NOT a "theory". Its really not something which is only claimed but is unproven. This is the law of physics. It is not anything you or I or anyone can dispute. The same way we cannot dispute that a wheel is better round than oval or square. A wheel just works better when round, It rolls better, even if you like it or not. It is not up to you to determine what shape wheel rolls better. If you try to dispute or "worry" about it, you will prove yourself to be an idiot and eventually they will tie you up in a rubber room if you start advocating the use of different shaped wheels.

What you are suffering from is ignorance. A situation brought about by the so called "experts", the string manufacturers, who have not educated you because they did not know themselves and did not care either. So you have been kept stupid all this time and now you actually fight to preserver your stupidity. Its a sad situation and only proves once again how guitar consumers are some of the stupidest people on earth.

Too big/tight, you say ??? What the hell does that mean? All the individual string tensions in a set are based on your high 1st string. Every string within the set is balanced to that string. If you upset this tension balance you will do a stupid thing. If you buy sets that are wrong like that, then you are an idiot.

What you really want then is a sloppy low string. This is what you are saying. Forget about tension balance, give me that sloppy low string, which feels like a rubber band and cannot give a strong and true tone and sounds muddy and undefined. This is what you want.

Since ZOG is a totally balanced set, you are then advocating that we include an UNDERTENSIONED low string into the set. So this would mean that instead of the set feeling equally balanced you would rather have a sloppy loose feeling low string, precisely where the most tension is needed for the string to physically work at that lowest pitch.

You actually may be up to a revolutionary idea yourself. However, I am sorry to tell you that all the major string manufacturers have beat you to it. They have already figured out your concept and already include an UNDERTENSIONED and LOOSE low string in virtually all their sets, in order to offer fools like you a horrendous set, which you believe is the way to go. So no prize for you. Badly gauged string sets are everywhere. So go and continue to buy them. So the good news is that you don't have to bother, you have your dream strings already provided for you at any store you go to.

Giving you with the gauge (size, diameter) of ZOG strings would be totally meaningless for you because these are custom strings. In case you don't know what that means, it means that there is a certain ratio of core and wrap used to arrive at specifically the TENSION I desire and design into the set. These strings are made for me alone and they must give a specific TENSION measurement for them to be part of the set. Gauge or diameter is of no concern, only TENSION is.

Let me educate you even further. You can take 5 or more identically gauged (or size) strings and if the ratio of core/wrap is of different measurements for each of the 5 strings, the final gauge of the strings will be same however the tensions will all be considerable different, despite their identical diameters. You see what I mean? You can have thick cores with light wraps or thicker wraps with thin cores, any combination. They goal is to arrive at a CORRECTLY OPTIMIZED SET and this is where the specific ratios of core/wrap comes in. Again its the tension that only matters, not the gauge.

Another point you fail to understand is that the scale of your guitar does not matter and will not change the tension balance WITHIN the set, as the strings relate to each other. Any guitar will work and feel better with an Optimized set. Again, this is not my law, its the law of physics and neither you or I can fight against physics. A sloppy, loose, undertensioned string will simply not be able to produce the tone and pitch in a clear and strong way. The lower the string the more important OPTIMIZATION is. This is why your comment is embarrassingly stupid.

All you need to ever know is the TENSION measurements. Gauges are meaningless and no need to even include them on the packaging or to even mentioned them.

I hope things are a bit more clear for you now. Make sure you contact me but only when you understand what correct tension (OPTIMIZED) sets are all about.           Alex

Examples of Idiots

This guy should be named Adam Dimwitt....rather than Dewitt.
I'm 33 and have been playing guitar since i was 6 (27 years) , and i don't believe a word you say about guitar strings. I don't believe a word you say about yours. If you feel so strongly about your strings and the even tension they have you should send me a free set and make me a believer to (even though i don't think it will , i am willing to try).     Adam DeWitt     adam.dewitt@gmail.com

Man, It's cool if you think balanced strings are the shiz but who cares enough to say **** like that, "the string companies are corrupt', "You're being brainwashed by the corporation of string companies". WTF        crevis (Australia)

I've seen the Zachary guitars site a few times over the years, and I would suggest that anyone considering his strings first get a general feel for this guys approach, attitude, and...general level of "self-confidence" before giving his information too much weight. One of the classic definitions of a crazy person is the guy who can explain in great detail why he's right and everybody else in the history of his field is wrong. One out of a million times, that guy is a genius. The other 999,999 times....
Cheers, Martin Keith (guitar builder)    keithguitars@hotmail.com

Hi, i dont get the point with tension , only reason for higher tension i can find is that low string is fatter then high and when vibrating it has more place when the neck is bent more with higher tension, bu it must affect the tune so could you tell me the point of optimized tension strings? Viesturs

Orlando replies: You can almost hear the brain trying to kick over, but the choke wasn't pulled out...lmfao!!

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